Puppy Departure Procedure

Puppy Departure Procedure

Here is the procedure your puppy departure

1- To pick up your puppy, go to the following address: 32 Rang Sainte-Marie-Anne, Saint-Raphael (Quebec) G0R4C0

2- Please take note that we do not accept checks on departure of the puppy. The only method of payment accepted is cash.

3- When you arrive, park in front of our course entrance and call us at 418-573-7701 if we are not already outside.

4- We will come outside with the puppy  

Your puppy's starting manual

Here is your puppy's starting manual

Before calling us to ask your questions, take the time to read it because the majority of your questions will be answered.

Then, if you still have questions, contact us and we will answer you with pleasure.

Good reading!

Samoyed quebec manual

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Your puppy is microchipped by cons it is useless if the microchip has not entered an official database. If your dog is lost, the veterinary surgeon consults these databases to find the owner of the animal.

It is important to register your dog in this database. we will include it in that of the Canadian Kennel Club but it is better that it is also done on the following link:


For EIDAP Microchip (starting with 956) use the following link: EIDAP Microchip (956xxxxxxxxxxxx)


PETIDCO database


go to the following section on the PETIDCO web site:


Complete each information field request and follow the steps to complete the process of registering your microchip. You received with your starter kit a 15-digit number with a barcode, this is the microchip number. If ever one day you move don't forget to change the address of the microchip information in the database.

Food and Treat

Here is the food and treat that we give to our puppies. 

Pet Insurance

We recommend Trupanion as a pet insurance company. They will give you a free insurance period (normally 4 weeks)

• Buyers must call within 24 hours of puppy return to activate offer (855-266-2156)

• The activation must take place the day before, the day or the day after the day of returning home.

• They are open 24/7

NOTE:  Use the following promo code: BR1SQ82921

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